Research & Development: a vision coming to life

This is where we combine our knowledge of cosmetic trends, ingredients and innovative formulations with consumer insights and sales research to ensure the final product is a success in the marketplace.

Experience and creativity

From inspiration to innovation

Despite our many years of market experience, OCEANIC continues to embrace the creative openness typical of start-ups. After all, every mature category started out as a niche. We create products with a real chance of bringing new quality to the beauty industry and making a positive difference in the lives, comfort and confidence of our consumers. This is what drives us and keeps us motivated!


From idea to implementation

We love a challenge! Our primary goal is total consumer satisfaction. Drawing on its extensive experience, the R&D department ensures that the synergy of skills: marketing, laboratory, research, legal, sales and many others, translates into the success of both our brands and Private Labels. And we are really good at it, as evidenced by our sales results and numerous awards!

Beauty expertise

Pioneering solutions

Our experts actively participate in major industry events, including beauty fairs and dermatology congresses both in Poland and abroad. We closely follow the latest trends and creatively implement them in our new products. Not afraid to pioneer solutions that we believe in, we were the first in Poland to launch an intimate wash product or an innovative eyelash growth serum.

Our certifications

A matter of principle

Keeping our promises

We firmly believe that the days of empty beauty slogans are long gone. From the outset, all our product claims have been backed by research from renowned scientific centers. Our business is built on the core values of authenticity, inclusivity, credibility and transparency. Consumer trust is our most valuable asset!

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