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It is with great passion and care that we develop our cosmetics, medications and medicinal products, which meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Since 1982, we have been developing health and beauty products for our Polish customers, and in the last decade we have expanded out presence to many countries around the world. We prove that everybody can have beautiful, healthy-looking skin and that excellent quality products can be found in various price categories.

We manufacture all kinds of products for various uses.

  • 35 years of experience
  • Leader in the field of cosmetics for sensitive and allergy-prone skin
  • Our Private Label services are used by retail market leaders around the world
  • Owner of one of the leading cosmetics brands in Poland
  • Dynamic expansion into new foreign markets
  • Our products are manufactured in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Certificate GMP

Global range

Over 40 export countries

  • Europe
    • Albania
    • Belarus
    • Bulgaria
    • Croatia
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • France
    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Kosovo
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Russia
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Ukraine
  • North America
    • Canada
    • USA
    • Mexico
  • South America
    • Colombia
    • Ecuador
  • Asia
    • Armenia
    • Georgia
    • Iraq
    • Japan
    • Kazakhstan
    • Mauritius
    • South Korea
    • The Philippines
    • Vietnam
  • Others
    • Australia
    • Jordan
    • Lebanon
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Tunisia
    • UAE

It all started in 1982 in Gdańsk. That is when our company was born, initially producing shampoo and soap. In an era of universal cosmetics for general applications we created our first skincare line called “New Wave”, as well as a cream under the AA brand (short for: anti-allergy) and a great innovation at that time - an intimate wash.

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Our research and development team consists of experts in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmacy and cosmetology as well as professionally active pharmacists.


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