Exporting to over 50 countries

We are committed to fostering long-term relationships that fuel business growth. We provide our international partners with the support they need to help our brands succeed wherever they are present.

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Our focus is on export

OCEANIC’s export performance is steadily growing thanks to our years of experience in working with local distribution partners and a deep understanding of the market. Our products follow global trends while respecting local regulatory, cultural, social requirements and consumer preferences in different markets.

Brands loved worldwide

International bestsellers

Our expertise in the development of a wide range of skin care products for sensitive skin has been recognized around the world. Brands such as AA, AA Wings of Color and Oillan cater to the needs of a growing number of people with skin sensitivities. We have seen success with other brands in our portfolio, Including Long4Lashes (popular in the Middle East), Aquaselin (a definite success in Asia), L’Biotica and More4Care (growing interest in the Americas).

Nasze marki

Global reach

Polish beauty industry stands for top innovation

We take pride in the fact that our cosmetics are made in Poland. Polish beauty products stand out for being innovative, aesthetically designed and functional. We realize that the beauty market is changing and we are part of this change, competing with the best – confidently and without any complexes!

Experienced team

Meet our Export Department

The OCEANIC Export Department is made up of professionals who combine a good understanding of the modern world and the unique characteristics of different markets with the expertise needed to assist distributors in their daily operations. We are committed to meeting our business partners face-to-face and establishing new relationships by participating in beauty trade fairs around the world. We also communicate on a daily basis to ensure that any challenges are dealt with promptly. We are always there for our partners!

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