AA Wings of Color

Developing skincare for sensitive skin is a challenge, but designing hypoallergenic formulas for colour cosmetics is a true art that only the best can master!

Irritation-free makeup

AA spreads its wings

AA Wings of Color was born in response to real-life needs. We realized that women with sensitive skin were struggling with make-up, often experiencing skin irritation or even allergic reactions when using standard cosmetics. The market simply didn’t have a good alternative for them. In 2017, after time-consuming development, we launched AA Wings of Color – our own make-up brand for sensitive skin, which has become a real game changer!

AA Wings of Color – life in color

Trends and innovations

The AA Wings of Color collection sets a new benchmark for the make-up industry. Firmly rooted in trends, all products are tested for safety on sensitive skin. They are designed to be innovative, easy to use and highly pigmented, yet exceptionally gentle. The collection was created in collaboration with celebrity make-up artist Magda Pieczonka, who shares make-up tips and tricks with AA Wings of Color fans on her social media to help them look stylish and radiant.

The key to looking beautiful? My philosophy is simple – the right skincare and skin-friendly make-up. It feels wonderful to work with a brand that shares my beliefs.

Magda Pieczonka

Brand Ambassador for AA Wings of Color

Experience and expertise

Hypoallergenic make-up

Creating Wings of Color, we built on our expertise in formulating hypoallergenic skin care products. This challenging project required a bold approach, determination and a great deal of research into product safety. Today, we know it was definitely worth the effort! Women with sensitive skin have confidence in AA WOC products, and makeup enthusiasts have come to love them.

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