A great success story can sometimes begin with a single product. This was the case with the Long4Lashes eyelash serum, which quickly became an iconic bestseller in its category, and a great motivation for launching the More4Care brand.

More4Care-you can expect more

Instant, spectacular results inspired by the power of modern cosmetology.

Expanding possibilities

Science at the service of beauty

The brand portfolio reflects the latest findings in cosmetology and the advances in biotechnology that are revolutionizing the beauty industry. All formulas are based on patented technologies and selected active ingredients in high concentrations. Their efficacy is confirmed by application tests and studies conducted in an independent laboratory. Consumers appreciate More4Care for evident, clearly visible results.

A striking difference

Where efficacy meets pleasure

For millions of consumers in Poland and abroad, More4Care is a brand that delivers on its promises. They appreciate the exceptional sensory experience created by voluptuous textures, subtle fragrances and excellent application. And of course they love the outstanding results – both immediate and long-term. With More4Care, you don’t just expect more, you get more!

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