This is where our products are made

OCEANIC cosmetic products are manufactured in one of the most advanced facilities in Poland and Europe, located in Trąbki Małe in the Pomeranian region, near the Baltic Sea coast. This is the birthplace of our signature beauty products that have captured the hearts of millions of consumers both at home and abroad.

Manufacturing efficiency

We champion innovation

Our manufacturing facility in Trąbki Małe, near Gdańsk, employs approximately 220 professionals across multiple departments: Production, Maintenance, Logistics, Purchasing, Quality Control Laboratory and R&D Laboratory. By investing in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we continue to streamline and optimize our production processes.

Staying ahead

We are dedicated to continuous improvement

We constantly modernize our production lines and invest in state-of-the-art machinery and innovative equipment to boost our R&D efficiency year on year, increase our production capacity, and aim higher in terms of the quality of our end products. We take an ambitious approach to development!

Modern facilities

Beauty starts here

We believe that aesthetically pleasing spaces foster creative minds and promote well-being in the workplace. We have carefully designed our manufacturing site to be a welcoming haven for our employees, with a generous 17.4 thousand square meters of green space and 10.2 thousand square meters of manufacturing buildings, warehouses and laboratories. For both guests and employees, we offer the convenience of ample parking. Every aspect of our premises is both functional and pleasing to the eye, which is greatly appreciated by all our visitors!


Environmentally friendly operations

A strong focus on sustainable development

Our facility in Trąbki Małe is located in an exceptionally scenic area, surrounded by forest greenery, pristine air and the scent of the sea. Deeply passionate about preserving the natural environment, we do our best to maintain its integrity. Minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes is our top priority. This commitment is more than just a promise, it is proven by the actions we take every single day.

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