L’biotica is a line of professional dermocosmetics for face and body care, drawing inspiration from aesthetic medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology and the wellness industry. With a focus on truly innovative solutions, the brand takes skin care to the next level.

L’biotica-because results matter

Beautiful skin is a journey. Now you can reach your desired destination faster from the comfort of your own home. L’biotica formulas are clinically tested under dermatological control.

Delivering on promises

Skin care with a WOW effect!

While medical aesthetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular, they may not be an option for every woman. The good news is that L’biotica dermocosmetics offer an excellent alternative, with exceptional formulas, optimal concentrations of active ingredients and patented solutions that dramatically improve the appearance and health of the skin. Results are visible from the first use, and continue to improve over time.

Proven effectiveness

Excellent skin health

At L’biotica, we focus on a professional approach, which is why we create our cosmetics in collaboration with dermatologists, pharmacists and cosmetologists. L’biotica dermocosmetics visibly rejuvenate the skin and effectively address various issues, such as discoloration or acne. This is confirmed by clinical and instrumental studies, as well as the satisfaction of our consumers. Our products are enjoyable to use because we want daily skincare rituals to be a moment of relaxation in the spirit of #SelfLove.

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