AA cosmetics

AA Cosmetics is dedicated to providing innovative beauty products that are effective and safe for even the most sensitive skin types.

AA is a brand that transcends the boundaries of standard skincare

We truly believe that with AA Cosmetics we are contributing to building a more inclusive and sustainable world of beauty.

Prioritizing safety and effictiveness

Sensitivity. It’s in our DNA

AA Cosmetics has unrivalled expertise in caring for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Our meticulously formulated products undergo rigorous clinical testing to ensure effictiveness and safety for our consumers. The AA portfolio includes gentle cleansing products and hypoallergenic skincare beauty products for both face and body, with formulations designed to soothe and help restore comfort to the skin.

Rethinking care and beauty

Any skin can be beautiful. All it needs is the right care!

OCEANIC was the first Polish company to address the challenges of sensitive skin care. Our dedicated range of hypoallergenic products has been designed in response to the decades-long trend of a rise in allergies and skin hypersensitivity. Currently, 76% of Polish women claim to have sensitive skin. Many of them turn to AA products, confident that they are rigorously tested, contain proven hypoallergenic ingredients, and are formulated to meet the changing needs of the skin over time.

AA has been there for me for many years. I believe that sensitivity is nothing to be ashamed of. It is our strength. It helps us understand emotions and build meaningful relationships. The passage of time can also be an advantage. Whatever your age, it’s essential to pursue your passions and appreciate the flavours of life in all its forms. And when it comes to skincare, only trust the best!

Ewa Wachowicz

AA Brand Ambassador

Understanding the needs of sensitive skin

Science and innovation – the cornerstones of our effectiveness

In our quest for innovative solution that meet the needs of our customers, we draw inspiration from scientific research. Top experts in biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetology are involved in ensuring the safety of AA’s formulations. Our range includes up to 3,000 ready-to-use formulations and 5,000 safety-tested ingredients. Our products have been proven effective and safe for sensitive skin through clinical tests.

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