Excessive sweating can cause discomfort and undermine your self-confidence. The key to solving this problem is using effective antiperspirants. The products from Aquaselin range work by inhibiting sweat secretion while being perfectly safe for sensitive skin.

Three in one: protection, care, confidence.

Aquaselin empowers you to take control of excessive sweating while caring for your delicate underarm skin.

Total confidence! Ultimate comfort!

Effective antiperspirants

Protecting and soothing

Aquaselin is a range of products free from potentially irritating dyes, alcohol or fragrances. Formulated with aluminum compounds and antibacterial agents that reduce perspiration, inhibit bacterial growth and eliminate unpleasant odors, they also contain soothing agents such as allantoin to moisturize and provide relief for irritated skin. All products are dermatologically tested on individuals with skin allergies.

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