Thirty percent of human population worldwide suffers from various allergic diseases. This phenomenon has accelerated at the end of the 80s and beginning of 90s, and contemporary scientific research still confirms disturbingly high increase in the number of allergy sufferers. In order to meet this global challenge, OCEANIC S.A. has developed a range of antiallergenic AA cosmetics, supported by state-of-the-art medical and cosmetic research.


OCEANIC S.A. is one of the leaders of Polish cosmetics market and for 32 years has specialised in production of the world quality AA antiallergenic cosmetics. Our goal is to help people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin through creating safe, effective and modern cosmetics that will help them to live normal life with no allergy ailments. Thanks to many years of experience, professional attitude and reliable approach to manufacturing of skin care products, AA has become the best-known and best-valued brand of antiallergenic cosmetics in Poland. Market analysis and our research show that people who use our AA cosmetics are not only those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin but also those who have no such skin problems. What makes them use our products is not only their fear of allergies but also their confidence in AA brand.

Oceanic S.A. was given accreditation concerning the production of pharmaceuticals on 18th August 2003.
In November 2003 we were accredited ISO certificate - quality management system ISO 9001:2000 approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Certification to ISO 9001 :2000 standard of Oceanic S.A. concerns design, production and distribution of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are produced in a modern factory that complies with the standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Implementing SAP, Enterprise Resource Planning system, in April 2009 maximizes Oceanic S.A. efficiency and ensures competitive advantage on the market.


At present, the company is developing really dynamically, with over 400 employees and 2mln products a month. Market share of AA brand in the Polish face care cosmetics market makes 8% and is constantly increasing.
In 2007, using its dermatology and pharmaceutical knowledge and the results of the newest scientific research, OCEANIC S.A. made a next step forward - created a breakthrough brand of AA THERAPY pharmaceutical dermocosmetics. Variety of AA THERAPY dermocosmetics produced from unique recipes with innovative active substances complexes was developed for patients' special health and skin aesthetics needs.
In the same year, OCEANIC S.A. launched a Polish selective AA PRESTIGE Brand - complementary for face and body care. Product lines - clear and easy to recognise - have been designed on the basis of the newest technologies and specialised recipes, creating beauty and aesthetics in cosmetics.


AA brand is synonymous with prophylactics and safety. AA products are the most advanced Polish antiallergenic cosmetics; with the top quality ingredients purified from allergenic compounds, produced and controlled in accordance with pharmaceutical industry standards. Innovation and effectiveness of AA cosmetics has been awarded with several dozen of the most prestigious Polish and international awards.
Throughout the last few years we have modernized our cosmetics factory in Trabki Male near Gdansk and have built a pharmaceutical hall that meets all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Thanks to these investments our OCEANIC factory is one of the leading European pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories.


In November 2003 we were accredited ISO certificate - quality management system ISO 9001:2000 approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. These changes not only strengthen our position of a Polish market leader, but also by adjusting our production processes to European standards they increase our export - and that is what we are aiming at.


Nevertheless our staff is our greatest asset: young, dynamic, perfectly qualified and extremely involved in their work.

The Owners
Dorota i Wojciech Soszyńscy

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