First steps

It all started in 1982 in Gdańsk. That is when our company was born, initially producing shampoo and soap. In an era of universal cosmetics for general applications we created our first skincare line called “New Wave”, as well as a cream under the AA brand (short for: anti-allergy) and a great innovation at that time - an intimate wash.

And that’s how we started the cosmetic revolution...

1990 - Our cream in its characteristic orange jar hit the jackpot - we sold hundreds of thousands of jars. Based on that success we created a whole line of anti-allergy cosmetics, AA, which soon received a gold medal at the Poznań Trade Fair, followed by several other awards.

New horizons

2003 - 2003 was a challenge for us! The modernisation of the factory in Trąbki Małe (20 km from Gdańsk), the launch of a logistic and distribution centre, the implementation of a SAP system - a lot happened! We were also the only Polish cosmetics company to be awarded a pharmaceutical GMP certificate - ever since, our cosmetics have been manufactured in a factory that meets these strict requirements.

In 2006, we started producing medications and pharmaceutical products. Many of them are now bestsellers in pharmacies, including Hydrocortisonum Oceanic.

2007 - Launch of the Oillan brand with emollients for skin affected by dermatoses.

2012 - AA creates new market trends: categorisation of cosmetics based on age becomes an industry standard.

In 2013, we established the revolutionary Long4Lashes brand loved by women all over the world for creating the effect of impressively long lashes.

Polish brand, global recognition

2017 - The AA Wings of Color line is created, offering make-up dedicated to sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

2018 – Today, Oceanic’s portfolio features over 1000 products sold in more than 40 countries! With dedication and care we have managed to make foreign consumers fall in love with Polish brands, which are now becoming a symbol of modern skincare. We’ve got some great personalities - our product ambassadors - who are helping us achieve that. To date, they have included: Kayah, Małgorzata Braunek, Monika Brodka and Kinga Preis.