We offer Private Label services

dedicated to retail market leaders in Europe and the rest of the world.

To companies interested in building their own brand we offer over 35-years of experience in one of these three distribution channels:

  • pharmaceutical
  • mass market
  • selective
  • Why choose us?

    We work with scientific institutions in Poland and abroad, regularly take part in international trade fairs, research the market on an ongoing basis and respond quickly to its needs. This means that as part of our contract manufacturing service we are able to offer solutions which not only meet consumers’ needs but also reflect the latest trends on the cosmetics market. We always keep up with the pace!

  • Nothing is impossible to us

    We are open to new challenges and opportunities and we approach every project individually. Our expert team provides substantial support at all stages of development of a new product: from creating a new brand (brand name, label wording, visual identifying features), to developing the formula and mass production, selecting the packaging and packing the cosmetic product, to preparing documents in accordance with applicable laws and registering the product. Our engagement and professionalism allow us to achieve incredible results - a high-quality, modern, attractive product that meets all expectations.

Do you want to work with us?

Please contact the Private Label team

email: privatelabel@oceanic.com.pl T. +48 58 550 88 12